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ABOUT me & how I can help YOU 

I'm a passionate photographer who has been involved in the Rockingham real estate industry since 2000.

Photographing and selling hundreds of houses I have the knowledge and experience to help your property sell sooner.

How it works

Your journey will start with your real estate agent working with you to establish the best possible pricing and marketing strategy. One of the major components will be your online presence .

 Recent statistics show that 9/10 buyers search online for their new home or investment property. Once the location has been chosen the house hunting begins. A key point in attracting the buyer to your property over the competition is to make it STAND OUT.  High definition, high quality photo's are necessary to catch the attention of the prospective buyer which in turn will encourage them to pick up the phone and call your agent for an appointment.

 Your property needs to be presented correctly, speak to your agent about styling your home if necessary but first check my handy hints page.

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