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Handy Hints- Presentation is key

Try and follow as many as the hints below as you can, this will assist in the sale of your property.

Before the photo's are taken

  • Mow the lawns, add mulch and colour to the garden beds. Park cars in the garage and clear all un-necessary items from sight.

  • Ensure windows are clean and smear free.

  • Vacuum and clean floors.

  • Keep the house "Light & Bright" (lights on blinds open). Replace faulty bulbs.

  • Clear the kitchen and bathroom bench tops of clutter "Less is More". Use the cupboards to store items usually left in sight - shampoo's toothbrush etc. Put the dishwashing, tea towels etc. away.

  • Keep your personal items such as watches and jewellery out of sight and relocate the fridge magnets whilst the property is for sale.

  • Remove and store any personal photographs or artwork that you don't want viewed by the prospective buyer.

  • Ensure beds are made and bathroom towels are clean.

  • De-clutter all rooms and store rarely used items in the garage or shed until the property is sold.

I would recommend following these hints where possible for the whole of the sales process. 

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